The Fundament of Real Estate Investment

We offer the first Real Estate Token fully approved by the German Financial Market Authority (BaFin) that represent a portfolio of German Commercial Real Estate – which generates a planned annual yield of 4% plus returns from possible sales revenues.
Securities Prospectus incl. addendum no. 1 (English)
Securities Prospectus incl. addendum no. 1 (German)

The Real Estate Token

Steady Value Growth

The German Real Estate Token represent a diversified portfolio of German Real Estate – which gives it a steady value growth and a planned annual yield of 4% (IRR) plus possible sales revenue.


The German Real Estate Token will bring liquidity into a traditional illiquid asset class and can be traded on licensed exchanges and peer-to-peer 24/7.


The German Real Estate Token is the first fully approved and regulated Real Estate Token by the German Financial Market Authority (BaFin).

German Real Estate

The German Real Estate Token has a focus on the German Commercial Real Estate market; one of the most stable markets in the world over the past decade. The German Real Estate Token has access to the extensive 6.7 billion EUR project pipeline through his shareholder Bauwens Group.

Integrity & Experience

The German Real Estate Token is a project of German industry experts and compliant with German regulations.

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We can confirm that we granted approval for a Real Estate Token prospectus. It has indeed been the first time we have approved a prospectus regarding blockchain-based real estate bonds [...].
A representative of BaFin told Coindesk on 23 July 2019

How the Real Estate Token works

The Real Estate Token is estimated to have a sustainable value growth. While offering the full upside potential for its investors, it is backed by a diversified underlying real estate portfolio.

Investors can benefit from a regular cash flow, paid out either in EUR or ETH, as well as the value-added yield of the properties that are held in the portfolio.

Start investing in German real estate today.
Benefit from planned regular cash flows and sales revenues.

Investment Overview

IssuerFND German RE GmbH (local court Hamburg; HRB 150935)
Type of investmentSubordinated token-based bonds with annual variable interest rates
Type of incomeIncome from capital assets
Estimated rate of return4% p.a. (IRR) plus possible sales revenue
Token priceEach token has a nominal value of EUR 1 at the time of issuance
Currency of issuanceDividends and repayments are denominated in EUR
Repayment100% of the nominal amount of the token-based bonds, as scheduled on 31 December 2033
Methods of paymentInvestments and payments are made in EUR or Ether
Annual interests paymentsAnnually on 31 July

6.7 Billion Euro Real Estate Pipeline

Access to suitable investment projects and cooperation with experienced partners are decisive factors for our success.

With the Bauwens Group, one of the largest real estate project developers in Germany, the Real Estate Token has onboarded a strong strategic partner and investor at its side, who currently manages a project development pipeline with a volume of EUR 6.7 billion. Real Estate Token investors will benefit from exclusive access to the real estate projects.

Area: Jena
Volume: EUR 23 million
Status: Invested
Asset class: Micro-/ Student Apartment Complex
New construction of a micro- and student living complex in the center of the student city Jena with over 18,000 students. The development with 106 units has approx. 7,200 m² above ground.
Area: Frankfurt
Volume: EUR 17.5 million
Status: Due Diligence
Asset class: Commercial and residential
New construction of a commercial and residential building in prime location of Fulda, a suburb of the banking metropolis Frankfurt (river rhine). The development has approx. 4,130 m² above ground and 29 parking spaces.

Start investing in German real estate today.
Benefit from planned regular cash flows and sales revenues.

Management and Board

Thomas Ermel
Thomas Ermel

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Ermel has more than 10 years of experience in financing real estate project developments. Previously, he was the founder and CEO of the fund provider One Group GmbH. In 2013, One Group GmbH was sold to ISARIA Wohnbau AG, Munich - one of the top 10 project developers in Germany. He was responsible for more than 10,000 investors and EUR 300 million managed funds.
Felix Ermel
Felix Ermel

Chief Operating Officer

Felix Ermel has been active in real estate financing and project development for over ten years. He is a founding member of One Group GmbH. As a shareholder and managing director of the asset manager Silver Lining GmbH, he is responsible for the operational project development business in Germany since 2015, with a focus on residential and commercial uses. 
Dr. Alexander Reichhuber
Dr. Alexander Reichhuber

Board Member

Co-founder and managing partner of BAUWENS digital, an investment company in the property and real estate technology sector. Partner of Berlin Technologie Holding (BTH), a German based Holding and Private Equity firm. BTH focuses exclusively on investments in technology and technology-enabled businesses. Vice President of Sevenval, a frontend expert since 1999.


Florian Glatz
Florian Glatz


Florian Glatz is a lawyer, software developer and entrepreneur with many years of experience in the area of blockchain. He is the founding president of the German Blockchain Association and was involved in the founding of the european blockchain association INATBA.
Robin Matzke
Robin Matzke


Robin Matzke is a lawyer and blockchain expert. He is an advisor to the German Parliament. He is finishing his PhD-thesis on phantom stocks at Humboldt-University Berlin.
Jan von Lewinski
Jan von Lewinski


Jan von Lewinski has more than 25 years of proven expertise in the real estate industry. He was COO of ISARIA Wohnbau AG, Munich, which was listed on the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. He was responsible for a real estate development pipeline of more than EUR 1.2 billion. Before that he worked as COO for a multinational family office.
Dennis Huget
Dennis Huget

Tax & Company Structuring

Dennis Huget has been advising medium-sized companies, investors, shareholders and wealthy private individuals on tax and business management issues for more than 15 years. Since 2013 he is Partner of “nbs partners”, a boutique tax-and law firm with an operating focus on the German market.